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Outdoor & Night Lighting

Let’s shine a spotlight on your beautiful landscaping with outdoor lighting!

At Hatfield Lawn and Landscape, our outdoor lighting creates a beautiful nighttime transformation of your home and garden. Our residential lighting is made possible with CAST Lighting. These are professional quality landscape and garden lights & fixtures that come with a fabulous warranty. Nothing adds more beauty, contrast, and security to your home landscaping than professionally designed and installed landscape night lighting.

Our landscape lighting designs and quality of outdoor lighting fixtures will simply exceed your expectations, greatly enhancing the experience of your home.

  • Hand crafted solid bronze and copper fixtures
  • Breathtaking curb appeal with added safety
  • Increased property value
  • Showcases your landscaping investment
  • Accentuates architectural elements of your home


We have chosen to showcase and install  the far superior CAST Lighting’s brand of low voltage systems as their superior fixtures are solid brass and copper and all fixtures and transformers feature an amazing warranty.

CAST Lighting’s products feature solid bronze bodies and stakes, heavy gauge copper stems, marine grade tin-coated wire – all designed to last a lifetime. The products are designed to age beautifully with a patina that will blend with nature. Only a few dollars more than lower quality aluminum fixtures and the quality can’t be beat!

For our customers looking for a more budget conscious alternative we also offer a very reliable night lighting system with Sollos brand lighting. Sollos also offers a fairly comprehensive warranty for their products, and provides a long life of illumination for your home and garden.

Stop in and put a spotlight on your beautiful property with Hatfield Lawn & Landscape.

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