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Quality Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home


Did you know the the sale price of your home may be significantly higher if your property includes quality landscaping? According to American Nursery & Landscape Association, installing healthy trees, shrubs and plants can be a wise investment.  Think of a $30 plant; as it grows into a $200 shrub it brings more beauty – among other benefits – to your home’s property.

Besides aesthetic value, that shrub is also valuable for its other properties.  Noise abatement, windbreak and energy savings are a few examples. Shrubs surrounding a house reduce traffic sounds, offer a buffer against winter’s winds, and if placed along the foundation, provide insulation against the cold and keep temperatures down during the hot spells.

Quality landscaping when well designed and maintained can boost a home’s sale price, by some estimates as much as 27 percent.  Quality landscaping is so valuable to real estate agents, they say they prefer listing homes with attractive, neat, low-maintenance yards and gardens because these properties sell faster.

The agents reveal that, besides the fact that they have an easier time selling landscaped homes, these properties also sell closest to the asking price.  Why? The all important “curb appeal” – the curbside view of a warm looking, inviting dwelling surrounded by a lovely landscape.

This advantage, they say, yields a tremendous return on investment. Besides this financial benefit, a homeowner reaps hefty rewards in the form of pride in and satisfaction with the home’s appearance.

If you’re considering a first time landscaping or re-landscaping project to revitalize and rejuvenate your home’s looks, concentrate on the entrance of the property.  Experts say it is important to place emphasis on this are because it, more than any other location, reveals a great deal about what the inhabitants or home may be like inside.

Observations confirm that a person viewing the property from the street will focus on the point of entry, so this is where the viewer receives his or her very first impression of the dwelling, the structure, and, by extension, its inhabitants.  This suggests that the front of a home should be designed to communicate a friendly, inviting feeling. You’ll want the exterior of your home to exhibit the same high quality that you choose for the interior.

Hatfield Lawn & Landscape loves to help improve the curb appeal and value of homes by offering personalized designs aimed to give you your own quality landscape!


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